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Children's Book Authors 
~Web Sites with Writer Tips~

A Gathering of Children's Book Authors Chat About Writing for Children

web sites with writing tips, articles, and resources for children's writers

Learn tips, writing techniques, and the nuts and bolts of the children's book world from those who are doing it- children's book authors and illustrators who are willing to share.
Cynthia Leitich Smith's Children's Literature Resources- "Writing for Children" and "Writer Resources"
Darcy Pattison- "Writers"- lots of articles on writing.  Freeware tracking tool.   Links to Sandbaggers website with an information-packed article, "The Internet Is Super for Writers" and more
Dawn Lesley Stewart- "Writing Articles and Resources"-on critique groups, character names, picture books, poetry, rewriting
Dianne Ochiltree- "Writing Tips"-on rejections, critique groups, "Ten Steps to a Better Body (of Work), more
Ellen Jackson- For Writers:"10 Steps to Getting Published"; rejection letters
Hans Wilhelm- "How to Become a Children's Book Author"-tips
Janet McNaughton- lots of good Canadian references here on writing for children
Joanne Rocklin- "Anti-Block Blog"
Judy Blume- "On Writing- Judy's Tips"- from her trusty notebook to writing from the inside, Judy shares tips on what has worked for her.
Karleen Bradford
- "Writers Help"   
Linda Sue Park-
"On Writing"- includes helpful advise on discipline, novel structure, and more
Marilyn Singer- excellent FAQ about writing for children,  "What Is a Short Story"- great quotes from many voices, plus author interviews, more.
Maryann Weidt- "Writing Tips" and "Questions and Answers"
Mem Fox- "Quick Reference Guide For Writers of Children's Books"- picture books thoughts and tips on writing for children
Pat Marcello- "Write On!"- lots here from an Institute of Children's Literature instructor
Peggy King- "Tips and Lessons"
Rachel Ann Nunes- "For Aspiring Writers"- plot, characters, dialog, writer's block, time management, more
Randall Beth Platt- "Tips and Tricks"-"Perspiration" and "Inspiration" from a YA author
Sid Fleischman- "9 Dazzling Tips for Writers"
Suzanne Williams- "My Favorite Writing Tips"- includes suggestions for free-writing
Tammy Yee- "So You Want to Write a Children's Book?"

Children's Book Author Web Sites with Tips for Young Writers-  children's book authors share tips with young, aspiring authors

Jean Craighead George- "prods for writing a story"
Patricia Hubbell- "Poetry Writing Hints for Kids, Teachers, Anybody"
Janet McNaughton- "A Guide for Young Writers"
Dian Curtis Regan- "For Young Writers"
Meadowbrook Press-  Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Linda Knaus, Robert Scotellaro, and Eileen Spinelli share poetry writing tips.
Scholastic- Poetry Writing with Jack Prelutsky, Karla Kuskin, and Jean Marzolla 

Children's Book Authors and Illustrators:
Multiple Listing Web Sites
Looking for children's book authors or illustrators not listed on these pages?  
Look for them at these children's author and illustrator multiple listing sites:

Children's Books- author homepages, educator/resource pages, and fan sites- new sites highlighted
Children's Literature Web Guide- "Authors on the Web"
Learning About the Author and Illustrator Pages- Kay E. Vandergrift- 600+ links of children's authors and illustrators
Nassau Library Book Connection- well-maintained, short list of children's authors and illustrators



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