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Sending Valentine's Day flowers to someone special?  Just bought a Sweetest Day gift?  Is it your anniversary?  Or are you sending a love note "Just Because"- and don't know what to write on the enclosure card?  You've put a lot of thought into choosing flowers or a gift.  But now what do you want to write?   A sweet, thoughtful, or romantic message can be just the right touch to make your gift extra-special.  Or maybe you're searching for ideas to text a valentine SMS or to write a love note in a greeting or letter.   What do you want to say to your friends or loved ones?  February 14th is such an important day for lovers- and yet sometimes it can be hard to think of just the right words to express your loving feelings.  Sooo... here is a collection of short and sweet suggestions- some cute, some simple, some romantic to the max- to to help you send a heart-felt message to your valentine!

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Flower and Gift-Giving Messages:

(For flowers delivered on February 13th):
Couldn't wait another day to say I Love You!

(For flowers delivered before February 13th):
I love you so much I couldn't wait for Valentine's Day!

The beauty of these roses cannot match the beauty and depth of the love
 I feel for you.  You are always in my heart!

I send a kiss inside the petals of each rose...

Flowers today. Fireworks tonight!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
I'm sending my love
and these flowers to you.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
carnations are sweet,
and so are you!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a very special day 
for sending all my love your way!

Sending smiles
Across the miles!

This little gift is winging it's way
To say have a happy valentine's day!

(for a teddy bear gift): "Hi, (your name) couldn't be here today.
So he sent ME to give you a big hug!"

Romantic Valentines Text Messages and Greetings:

I don't want to set the world on fire,
I just want to start a flame in your heart!

You're the twinkle in my eye,
you're the song in my laugh,
you're the light in my smile.
you're my everything.

I love you for not only who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.

To my angel: You will always be my valentine.

I love your lips, I love your style,
but most of all I love your smile!

I offer you my heart, right here, right now, forever!

Like magic, love softly touched our hearts...  Yours, forever.

Addicted to you!  Please be mine forever.

Yours, always and forever!

You're all I ever dreamed of, a fairytale come true.

Love makes every day a joy, every moment a memory! 
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a day filled with all your heart's desire! 

I bet you a cuddle,
I bet you a kiss,
I bet you'll never guess,
who sent you this?

To my valentine: You are my world, my happiness, my joy.  Yours forever!

All my love.

Kisses and hugs.

For the one who gave me the courage to love with all of my heart...
to the person who is like no other. Happy Valentines Day!

Love and kisses.


You take my breath and every day.

You are the love of my life.

You are the reason I'm alive.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, My Favorite Valentine is You.

"True love is friendship set on fire." (French Proverb)

I wish there were more ways to say all that you are to me. Love always.

My heart is filled with love for you.

How sweet it is to be loved by you!

We may not have it altogether but together we have it all!

I never dreamed that one touch could change my life until you took my hand in yours.

It's still a mystery, haven't got a clue, how I got so lucky and found you!

With you it's Valentine's Day 365 days a year.

Cupid's aim is still pretty good.

When I think of love, there's only one thing that comes to mind... You!!

To My Valentine- You Are My One and Only

You are the shining star in my private galaxy.

You are my everything!

My heart feels full of flowers whenever I'm with you!

The happiest times I've ever known begin and end with loving you.

So glad you're in my life!

Love u lots! 

U R the love of my life!
Urs 4- ever!

Romantic Emoticons for Text Messages:

A Dozen Roses  12x@>--->---
Angel  0:-)
Big Kiss  :-(|)
Big Wet Kiss  :-X
Blowing a Kiss :-{}
Blushing *^_^*
Dazed  %-)
Face to Face }{
French Kiss P*
Giggles  ^ ^ ^
Happy wink ;D
Heart <3
Love  (*_*)
Infinity  8
Kiss  *
Kiss  :*
Kiss  :-*
Kiss on Both Cheeks  x(*/*)x
Laughing  :-D
Laughter  /\/\/\
Licking Lips  :-9
Lots of Hugs  ((()))
My lips are sealed  :-#
Open-mouthed  :-O
Puckered Up to Kiss  :-><
Raised Eyebrow  `:-)
Returning Kiss  :**:
Rose  @--`,----
Smile  : )
Sticking out Tongue  :-P
Tears of Happiness  :\'-)
Tongue-tied  :&

Wide-eyed  8-)
Wink  ; )
You're Hot!  ~~:-)



Valentines Messages for a Husband or Wife

To my Darling (Husband/Wife's name):
All of my heart, I send to you.
All of my life, I'll spend with you.
Forever yours,

To My Sweet (Husband/Wife's name):
Thank you for the memories of
yesterday, for the happiness of today,
and the promise of all tomorrows!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Our love is a journey, with a beginning but no end.
We will walk the path together- forever
Love always,

I love you today,
as I did from the start.
I'll love you forever,
with all of my heart.
Happy Valentine's Day!

You're a honey of a hubby-
Love you 'til forever!

To my darling wife- you mean the world to me!  Love,

Valentines Messages for Friends

I cherish your friendship.

I like you so much, I'll even share my chocolate hearts with you!

So glad we're friends.  happy Valentines Day, Friend!

You are always there for me, you make me laugh, you understand me.  What would I do without your friendship?

Happy Valentines Day to a wonderful friend!

Good days, good times- good friends.  You're the best!

Have an amazing, awesome, wonderful day, my amazing, awesome, wonderful friend!

Happy Hearts Day!

Wishing you a happy day- a happy year- a happy heart!

Have a happy Valentine's Day and a zillion happy tomorrows!

May all the wishes in your heart come true.


Valentines Messages for Mom

Happy Valentines To The Best Mom In the World!

Happy Valentines Day, Mom! Thanks For Always Being There For Me!

Mom, You Deserve To Be Honored Today,
So Here Are Some Flowers I'm Sending Your Way.




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